Man has sex with his very cute sister in law

I was home alone that weekend.  My wife had gone to visit a girlfriend in New Jersey.   I wouldn't have gone there if you paid me.  I was in the bathroom when I heard my sister-in-law's voice calling me.  She had walked into the apartment without knocking, but she was family and that was what family did.  I called out to her and heard her outside the bathroom door a moment later.

        "You want to go to the mall?"

        "Yeah," I said.

        There wasn't much to do in our little town and a Saturday at the mall was as good as anything else I could think of.  Besides, Tina and I got along great.  She was fun to be with, funny and pretty and we always laughed a lot when we were together.

        "Well, hurry up, then," she said as she banged at the bathroom door.

        Now, maybe the door wasn't completely shut, or maybe because the latch was old and worn, it just didn't hold, or maybe Tina figured that it was locked when it wasn't, and decided to give it a shake to get me moving.  At any rate, the door swung open and she was halfway into the room before either of us knew what was happening.

        She found me standing naked in front of the sink, shaving.

        There was a high pitched squeal.  Her eyes flew open wide.  She raised both her hands to her mouth and stood there frozen. 

        I stood there as well, my razor poised to scrape away the last of the shave cream and hair from the base of my cock and balls.

        I thought, at first that she would turn and run out of the room.  She was normally shy and quiet and wouldn't say "shit" if she had a mouthful.  She didn't run, didn't turn away.  She just stood there staring at my hairless dick and scrotum like she had just discovered the Mona Lisa in our little bathroom.  "Holy shit," was what she said.
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I guess I should have covered up.  This was my wife's little sister, ten years younger than her, a dozen years younger than me.  Tina and I had always flirted.  She'd had a crush on me since she was twelve, but it was never anything out of line.  Jenny, my wife, teased her about it all the time.  Now she was eighteen and not a kid anymore.

        I didn't cover up.  With my semi hard cock in one hand and a razor in the other, I wasn't going to make any sudden moves.  Besides, she'd seen all there was to see and that was that.  And from the look on her face and the feeling building in my swelling cock, we both liked it.  So I shrugged my shoulders.  "Oops," was all I could think of to say.
        I wiped away the last of the shave cream and took a step toward her.  Her eyes stayed fastened on the rapidly growing shaft that now stood straight out from the base of my belly.  Her face showed a deep crimson.  If my face had been melting she wouldn't have noticed.

        Your sister likes it this way," I said.  "She says that it looks nicer bald."

        "Oh, yeah," was all that Tina managed to choke out.

        "She doesn't like hair in her mouth when we make love."  I took a step closer as her face went a shade darker.  My cock was as thick and as long as it had ever been.

        I was within a foot of her now.  The length of my rigid dick cut the distance to almost nothing.
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"It feels nicer too."  I ran my hands over the smooth skin of my belly and prick.  Her eyes grew even wider as my thick pole jumped and bounced from my handling.

        "You won't believe how nice it feels."  I reached up, took her hands and gently led them to my belly.  I pressed them against the smooth bare skin between my navel and my dick.  They dropped hesitantly to the thick swollen shaft of my cock and the smooth shaved skin of my ballsac

She wrapped her hands about hard pole of my manhood.  "It's so big," she whispered.  "I thought Jenny was lying.  I thought she was just trying to tease."

        She slowly dropped to her knees.
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She knelt there, staring at the rock hard pole that she gripped so tightly.  She watched as a tiny drop of precum appeared from my peehole.  She moved her head closer; extended her tongue and the drop disappeared into her mouth.  She looked up into my eyes and began to lick the sensitive underside of the head of my dick.

        "Oh, yeah," was all I could say. 

        She smiled, opened her mouth and engulfed the engorged knob of my cock with her lips.

        I almost came right then.  I had never thought about Tina sucking cock.  She was my sister-in-law, a girl I had watched grow up over the last six years.  I knew she dated, but not much and without a steady boyfriend.  I knew she was pretty in spite of her tiny tits with long legs, dark hair and eyes, and a tight little ass.  And now, her lips were halfway down the shaft of my dick and straining to devour more yet.

        She knew what she was doing and I wondered where she had learned.  She fucked my cock with her mouth, first fast and then slow, first shallow and then deep, occasionally glancing up at me, her eyes glistening at what must have been the look of ecstasy on my face. 

        It didn't take long before I was on the verge of cummimg.  I told her and she clamped her hands about the base of my cock.
        "Not yet," she said.  "I want that first load in my cunt."
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With my help, she was naked in less than a minute and sitting on the edge of the sink with the engorged knob of my swollen cock poised to slide between the well trimmed lips of her now sopping slit.

        She wrapped her legs around me, pulling me ever closer to her as I pushed the purple head of my dick inside of her impossibly tight cunt.  I slowly worked my thick rigid fuckstick deep within Tina's tiny twat with short gentle strokes until our bellies pressed together and I was balls deep in my sister-in-law's pussy. 

        Her cunt muscles gripped my fat rod as I began driving it over and over again into that sweet tight hole, stretching her ever wider, plunging ever deeper. 

        She moaned and whimpered as she bucked her hips against mine, calling me to fuck her faster and harder.  I slammed my ten inch pole into her with a violence that I had never known.  Her whimpers became screams of pleasure, her language ever more filthy as I lifted her into the air with each thrust. 

        "I'm cumming," she finally screamed, as her nails tore furrows into my back and her teeth bit deep into my shoulder.

        "I'm cumming, too," I yelled as my cock began blasting jet after jet of hot white come deep within my sister-in-law's cunt.  Her pussy squeezed my spasming dick, milking every last drop of my cock juice from me.

         Minutes later, I slipped my semi-hard cock from the sopping hole of Tina's cunt and watched as a river of our juices dripped down her legs.  We showered then, a long slow shower during which we fucked again, and when the water turned cold, we ran to the bedroom and fucked some more.  We didn't stay there though.  There was the kitchen table and the coffee table in the living room and the living room rug and the hallway rug and a few other places besides.  We laid a trail of cum and cunt juice from one end of the apartment to the other.  I never fucked so much in my life, until my wife went away a month later, but that's another story.
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The end
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